Day of the Dead Button Set

Sweet adornments for all your stuff!
Limited edition of 100 sets!

So much stuffing…

Throughout the years we have made hundreds of awesome designer plush oddities that have found all sorts of happy homes with kick-ass people such as yourself. Take a look at what we currently have available in the official Burgleteens online store or check out the archives to see a sample of things we have made over the years. We can always try to recreate something if you see anything that strikes your fancy! It’s always nice to hear what people are diggin’ on. Everything we make comes infused with good vibes and warm fuzzies and is sure to brighten your day.

Hypnotizing Paper Scenes…


We saw some amazing lightboxes on Reddit one day and thought they were the coolest thing we had ever seen. Inspiration overload. We had to figure out how to make one of these in our style. After way too much research on paper and lights we ended up making our own! People seem to agree that they are indeed magical and we are happy to announce that we are ramping up production so everyone can experience how cool these things are. If you like to daydream these things will suck you in and take you on a nice ride through Imagination Land.

Diggin the cut of our jib?