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Resting Phase Complete…Begin Activity Phase

By December 14, 2016 Deep Thoughts

logoOne thing I’ve noticed is that I will get into some new project that gets me really excited. This leads to a massive spike in production while I experient with all the different ways I can tweak the new awesome thing I created. Then after a bit I run out of steam and suddenly my awesome thing has become a chore and it takes more and more effort to get over the hump and produce more now only kinda awesome things.

The solution to this is to skip to a new thing when I tired of the old one and keep my momentum up. Then after awhile the shine comes back to the old dull thing and I jump back to making the older thing again. That way I can always be getting into new things while keeping the tried and true ones alive.

Getting the new job took a little bit more out of my Burgleteens momentum than I had planned but every now and then its good to take a break and re-fill the creative juices. After awhile I get to the point where my brain is all rested up and starts getting antsy to get back into the studio for more thing-making.

I’ve noticed random cool things happening the last week or so which probably means its about time for a flurry of activity. I’ve been checking out micro-controllers lately…the lightboxes are about to hit another level!


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