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Tired of mass-produced boring unimaginative crap? So were we! So we decided to do something about it! Burgleteens is here to save the day with an army of designer plush, limited edition collectable gear and all sorts of snazzy art!  The everyday world we live in seems to have too many Cold-Pricklies and not enough Warm-Fuzzies so we strive to brighten things up a bit with our sewing machines and paintbrushes. Everything we make is hand crafted with quality materials to make people smile and so far we seem to be doing a good job!

Roots Run Deep.

Spokane has some cool stuff if you know where to look.


Thank you for checking us out! Take a look at our ever-changing stock in the online store and if you happen to be close to the lovely city of Spokane Washington come check us out at local craft fairs and art shows! We also have a non-annoying email newsletter (that you can sign up for using the button below) and an online blog we fill with random interesting bits and announcements.

We hope you have an awesome day! Thank you so much for the support!

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