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Resting Phase Complete…Begin Activity Phase

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logoOne thing I’ve noticed is that I will get into some new project that gets me really excited. This leads to a massive spike in production while I experient with all the different ways I can tweak the new awesome thing I created. Then after a bit I run out of steam and suddenly my awesome thing has become a chore and it takes more and more effort to get over the hump and produce more now only kinda awesome things.

The solution to this is to skip to a new thing when I tired of the old one and keep my momentum up. Then after awhile the shine comes back to the old dull thing and I jump back to making the older thing again. That way I can always be getting into new things while keeping the tried and true ones alive.

Getting the new job took a little bit more out of my Burgleteens momentum than I had planned but every now and then its good to take a break and re-fill the creative juices. After awhile I get to the point where my brain is all rested up and starts getting antsy to get back into the studio for more thing-making.

I’ve noticed random cool things happening the last week or so which probably means its about time for a flurry of activity. I’ve been checking out micro-controllers lately…the lightboxes are about to hit another level!


These mermaids are so clingy..

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People like our happy mermaids so we decided to do a run of magnets featuring this lovely lady. We went all out (you know how we do) and got some rated for use on the outside of cars! Pretty excited to start spreading these around. Look for them in the store in the next week or so!


October Update

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Started cooking at a new place here in town called Bruncheonette. I needed something steady during the day to pay the bills while I work on growing Burgleteens into a full fledged brand. Got the coloring books back from the printer and they turned out awesome! CRAZY high quality. I’m glad I went all out because you can feel how legit they are the minute you hold them in your hand. A couple stores in town grabbed a few and I’m sure they will do well.

I’m still getting used to the new schedule but it looks like it will work out and I’ll be able to keep grinding on Burgleteens at the same time. Over the next few days I’ll have some new plush sprouts ready to put up in the store and then its on to more lightboxes!

Coloring books will be on the way tomorrow! Super shout out to everyone who pre-ordered! Enjoy the free stickers! I could not have made it without all the support!



Today is the day

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My Creative Enterprise classes are wrapping up and tonight is the big presentation. There is going to be a couple hundred local business leaders in attendance. I’m pretty nervous but I’ve been going over my speech a 1,000 times today so I’m starting to feel like I got this. Luckily its hard not to smile when you see my stuff so I know everyone will at least be interested in what I have to say. Im going to read through my speech again….and again….and again…


Stickers are on the way!

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Just approved the proofs for the batch of stickers from Sticker Mule! I’m pretty excited to get them. I have never made stickers before and these things are legit! UV and weather proof even! Now I just need to finish the last couple pages of the coloring book and I can send that off a little early. Thank you to everyone who sent in a pre-order! Getting emails telling me that someone has ordered is fun. Can’t wait for everyone to see how cool this thing is going to be!


Pre-orders are open!

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Coloring book pre-orders are up and running smoothly! Amazing how nervous I was after I activated the pre-order in the store. It feels weird to put something you made out there and then sit and wait to hear what people think about it. Plus I didn’t get a change to test the storefront out as much as I would have liked to. Seems to be working perfectly and orders are slowly coming in! I have to admit it’s really fun to check in every day to see if anyone has put in an order. It’s like playing a video game but with higher stakes. Thank you so much to everyone who has put in an order! Its so inspiring to hear that people are excited!


Another Sticker!

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Finished the big bad 4 inch round sticker that I’m including in the coloring book pre-orders. Took awhile to come up with a color combo I liked but I’m pretty sure this is good to go. I’m getting nervous! Months of work on coloring pages is about to unleashed upon the world!



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Just finished the sticker sheet design thats going to be a reward for pre-ordering the coloring book. Just posting it to get it up here and then its time for bed.


Coloring book is almost complete!

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Almost done with the Burgleteens coloring book! It’s been a grind but I only have 3 more pages left to design and then it can be sent to the printers! It’s going to be super legit. I’m going to have it printed on extra thick paper so people can use markers without it bleeding through everywhere. I should have pre-orders up tomorrow in the shop. Coloring book pre-orders even get some stickers and buttons for being so rad. Publishing my first book has been a lot of work but I’m almost to the fun part where I get to see people’s reaction to something I made. I made a mock-up for the pre-order page so people could get an idea of what it’s going to look like.